It’s snowing!

Snow is rare down in the south, and I’m super excited to see it!  This is the first time in my life that it has snowed and actually stuck to the ground.  It usually isn’t cold enough for that.  It is currently 20ºF and getting colder, I think.

One downside to the sticking snow is treacherous roads.  The road running by our house is covered in snow and people are skidding on it.  We’re snowed in!  Thankfully it isn’t snowing very hard.

Three cars stuck on the hill beside my house

In case you can’t tell, that’s three cars stuck.  See the one behind the tree?  The jeep eventually towed the black car (in process in that picture, actually).

That’s all from me right now!  I’m going out to enjoy the snow :)

2 thoughts on “It’s snowing!

    • I did! It has been years since we’ve had this much snow and it has rarely stuck to the roads, so it’s a new experience for me! So many people are stuck in — on the interstates, at their offices and at strangers’ houses — because we never expected it to ice the roads. It has been fun, but I’m missing some family members who are snowed in at various places. :(

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