“I don’t look like the girl on the magazine”

This post is beautiful! Some amazing thoughts about beauty and what’s really important: your character and NOT your outward appearance.

INNER BEAUTY I used to think that to be beautiful I needed to have the right hairstyle, wear the right brand of jeans, and have the right amount of make-up on my face.

But over the years I have learned that true beauty is much deeper than what someone sees with their eyes.

It’s not about what you look like on the outside, but the person that you are inside.

It’s not the person you are in public, but the person you are in private.

For the longest time my standard for beauty were the pictures of girls that I saw on magazine covers but in reality, it should have always been Christ.

Recently we had a women’s conference at our church and my senior pastor’s wife shared a thought about Mary, Jesus’s mother, that really made me think twice about where real beauty comes from.

She said that not once does…

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