Day 5 – May Blogging Challenge

Day 5 – Favorite movies you never get sick of watching

First, another random fact about me: I haven’t watch a whole lot of movies, and the ones I have, I haven’t watched multiple times. I’m more likely to want to watch a new movie then repeat one I’ve already seen. So the only movie that I have watched multiple times and still like is Tangled. And then there are several that I’ve seen only once or twice but would probably be able to watch over and over again. These are: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, October Baby, Frozen, and the Lord of the Rings movies. In all honesty, I’ve only seen the first two Lord of the Rings movies. I have read the books, though, so I assume I will like The Return of the King. I hope to watch it very soon!

Disney's Tangled Movie Poster

I love this movie. I’ve probably seen it three or four times, but I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Movie Poster

This is an old classic that I absolutely love. If you haven’t seen it, I it’s worth a watch.

October Baby Movie Poster

This is a very sweet movie and a great story of forgiveness and grace. However, it is definitely PG-13 because of some mature themes.

Disney's Frozen Movie Poster

I love this movie. I watched it in the theater and then got it the day it came out on DVD. :)

The Fellowship of the Ring Movie Poster

The first movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I thought it was very well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Two Towers Movie Poster

The second movie in the LOTR trilogy. They strayed more from the book in this one, but overall I liked it a lot.

What’s YOUR favorite movie?


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