Day 3 – May Blogging Challenge


Day 3 – What makes you happy?

One of my favorite songs coming on the radio or Pandora.
Little kids and the cute things they say. Brightening someone’s day.
Seeing other happy people!
Blue skies and bright sunlight.
Discovering truth in Scripture.
Driving with the windows down and the radio up.
Learning something new.
The color yellow.
Doing something nice for someone else.
Being needed.
Answered prayer.
Reading a really good book.
Holding a baby.
Spending time outside.
Sunsets and sunrises.
The beach.

Just like I said yesterday, this is only a very small sample of the many things that make me happy. To see more, check out my other blog where I post one thing that I’m thankful for every day.

What makes YOU happy? Leave a comment about it!


Day 1 – May Blogging Challenge

Hello to all my followers! As you know, I have not been very faithful in posting on my blog. I’m terribly sorry! But I have an idea to remedy this. My friend Maggie is doing a daily blog challenge this May, and I have decided to do it along with her. I’ll be posting once a day, according to the prompts in this lovely image (originally posted here) that I got from Pinterest (and edited slightly). :)

May 2014 Daily Blogging Challenge

So without further ado, here is day one!

1. Self portrait and five random facts about yourself

For the self portrait part of this prompt, I made a collage of some selfie-ish pictures I’ve taken on my iPod touch. I’m not a big fan of selfies, so I don’t take many, but here is a sample of my life in pictures…

This is me...

And now for five random facts about me:

  1. My first love, my Savior, and best friend is Jesus Christ. I love learning more about Him daily and strive to let Him mold me into the girl/woman He wants me to be.
  2. I’m left handed. And no one else in my family is.
  3. I’m six feet tall. Yep, really! There are some annoyances that come along with my height, but all in all I love being tall!
  4. I volunteer at a therapeutic horseback riding program for people with disabilities. I absolutely love it! I’m studying Special Education to learn how to better serve these amazing individuals.
  5. My favorite seasons are fall and spring. In my mind, that’s perfect weather.

I shared, now it’s your turn! Comment at least one random fact about YOU!