Day 6 – May Blogging Challenge


Day 6 – Your last random act of kindness.

I’ve never really thought about random acts of kindness. I like the general idea, but I’ve never thought: “I think I’ll do a random act of kindness today!” I don’t want to do something nice because I decided to. My goal is to be led by the Holy Spirit so that I am kind to others as an outflow of that.

One of the quotes I mentioned as one of my favorites on Day 2 of this challenge is this: “Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” (Mother Teresa) I don’t want just randomly do kind things, I want to be the girl – the woman – who spreads love wherever she goes. I don’t want anyone to come to me without leaving happier. Most importantly, I want others to see Jesus in me. I want to spread love and joy, I want to do kind things, for His glory.